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At New Century School, we understand the importance of parent involvement. As such, we encourage all families to be engaged with their student’s education! We also understand that knowledge is power. Our goal is to provide you, as parents and guardians, with answers, resources and all the relevant information you need to be part of your child’s education.

Below you will find information about our school. If you have questions or have additional needs, please use our online contact form to get in touch, or call the main office at (651) 478-4535.

Daily Schedule
Students: 7:15 a.m. – 2:15 p.m.
School: 7:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Safe Learning Plan

NCS Safe Return 2021-2022

Assessment Opt-Out Form

Assessment Opt-Out Form


Food Policy: Breakfast & Lunch

Catered lunches and breakfasts are provided for all children of New Century School. Seasonal and nutritious, the menu for lunch includes a grain, protein, fruit, and vegetable, as well as milk. Breakfast includes a bagel or cereal, a source of protein, fruit and milk. Monthly menus are posted for parents to view. (Note that there are occasional unforeseen changes to the menu as decided by the caterer.) Teachers encourage children to try all food as a way of building an understanding of nutrition and open-mindedness. Dairy and non-dairy varieties of milk are provided during lunch and breakfast.

New Century School children receive lunch and breakfast for free if they qualify for free lunch or a reduced cost if they qualify for reduced lunch. Families of children who do not qualify may purchase lunch.

Please note: if your child has specific food allergies or dietary needs, please let the staff know so that we can arrange for a safe and edible and tasty meal.

Healthy and nutritious food is a priority at New Century School. The school is a peanut and tree nut safe environmentOur “safe” policy means that the school will not serve items with peanuts. Parents/guardians may not pack lunches that contain peanuts so that they remain in compliance of the policies.

Bus Policy

Riding the bus to and from school is a privilege for New Century School children. Children need to be well behaved and respectful of the bus driver and supervising staff when riding the bus and while waiting for the bus in order to enjoy this privilege.

Parents requesting changes in riding status must submit that request in writing to New Century School office. If a parent does not want his or her child to take the bus on a given day, the parent must either send the child to school with a signed note requesting staff not to put the child on the bus or call the school by 1:15p.m. to confirm the change in plans. After 1:15pm, we cannot guarantee that the information will be passed along in a timely manner allowing for the change. To ensure every child’s safety, the staff is required to carry out the plan that has been previously arranged unless they receive written notice or a phone call stating otherwise. Please know that because staff is busy with children during the day, email is not a reliable way to convey a change in transportation plans for your child. Other changes in riding status that are due to family relocation must be submitted to the office in writing a week before the change should occur.

For more information about busing and detailed bus expectations, please download the Family Handbook under the School Documents section above. We encourage ALL FAMILIES to read the expectations with their student(s) in order to ensure compliance with bus policies.

Attendance Policy

Regular attendance and punctual arrival at school are two habits that dramatically impact achievement. We are committed to providing each child with a superior STEM elementary education and ask each family to commit to ensuring their child attends school on time and consistently.

Punctuality helps create a better learning environment for all students. It is important that your child arrive on time to have the full benefit of the classroom learning environment. If your child will be late or absent, please notify the school by 8 a.m. at the latest. Parents are urged to make every effort to schedule doctor, dentist, and other appointments for their child at times outside of the school day. This will reinforce the importance of school and prevent the children from missing out.

Late Arrivals:  We will be understanding of occasional late arrivals and pickups due to unusual circumstances, family emergencies, and severe weather conditions and understand that at times, a child may need to arrive late due to a doctor’s appointment or unusual circumstance. On each occasion of late arrival or dismissal, administrative staff members will check in with families to discuss the situation, however, please keep these exceptions at a minimum as they disrupt your student’s learning.

For more details on our Attendance Policy, please download the Family Handbook under the School Documents section above.