Students Should Enjoy Going to School
At New Century School, your student will look forward to classes.
Students Build Confidence Through Our STEM Curriculum
We help students see how their STEM education can help them achieve their dreams.
Here, Students Maximize Their Academic Potential
We are a community that helps students access their passions and achieve academic success.

Welcome to New Century School

New Century School (NCS) is a Preschool-11 STEM Charter School located in the Midway area of St. Paul, Minnesota. Our inquiry-based learning model and multi-disciplinary instructional approach provides the foundation for our school’s rigorous STEM-based curriculum.

What Makes Our Preschool-11 STEM Charter School Unique?

As a Preschool-11 STEM charter school, we are committed to delivering the best quality education to our students. We do this in many ways. We start with small class sizes, and offer language support to multi-lingual students. Our STEM Curriculum focuses on teaching students relevant skills, and our inquiry-based learning method encourages curiosity and exploration.