Our Staff is Dedicated to Your Students' Success

New Century School’s faculty and staff are committed to excellence and providing students with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful, productive members of a 21st century workforce through inquiry-based learning

Dr. Dido Kotile


Phone: 651-478-4519
Email: Dido.Kotile@newcenturyschool.net

Mariam Hussein

Main Office

Phone: 651-478-4535
Email: marian.hussein@newcenturyschool.net

Amal Sharif

Dean of Students

Phone: 651-478-4532

Faisal Abdishukri

Community Liaison / Transportation

Phone: 651-478-4524
Email: Faisal.Abdishukri@newcenturyschool.net

Jessica Tallman

Title I Coordinator

Phone: 651-478-4520
Email: Jessica.Tallman@newcenturyschool.net

Leonel Leon

IT Support

Phone: 952-217-0003
Email: Ileon@ileoontech.com

Tara Meyer

Licensed School Nurse

Phone: 612-202.8802
Email: tara@navigatecareconsulting.com

School Committees

Student Support – Chairperson: Mr. Phil Menge

Academic Excellence – Chairperson: Ms. Toria Collins

Spirit Committee – Chairperson: Ms. Jessica Tallman

Leadership – Chairperson: Ms. Ashley Perez