More Than a School, We're a Community

From volunteers to partners, our community consists of a varied and broad-spectrum of talents, interests, experience and knowledge. Through these connections New Century School stays current, relevant and present to all stakeholders.

Volunteer Program

We have volunteer opportunities for individuals interested in providing help to students in K-8 programs. By volunteering at our school, you will also obtain wonderful experience in working with young learner, families from diverse backgrounds, as well as how to prepare children and youth for this century.

We have volunteer positions open in the following areas:

  • Classroom/teacher assistance
  • Library/media center
  • Tutoring young learners – day and afterschool
  • Helping with field trips/site tours
  • English language development for ELL students
  • Working with teachers and students involved in coding, 3D design and STEM related work
  • Providing clerical support in the main office

Community Partnerships

We value the partnerships with various organizations, institutions and businesses. Not only do we get their support but we work collaboratively in multiple ways. Our partners include Universities, corporations and non-profit organizations.

Field Experience for Pre-service Teachers and University Students

Individuals interested in completing their field experience, service learning, internships, and student teaching will find our program an ideal place to obtain much needed experience. They will work with energetic and experienced educators that will guide them and provide them with knowledge and skills and quality experience.

Professional Mentoring

This program entails matching our students with professionals in STEM and other fields. Students will have the opportunity to meet and interact with role models as they aspire for their college and careers. Students will have site visits to observe how various professionals work. The program also lets the professionals visit the school and facilitate lecture and workshops.


As a school serving students with high needs, we welcome your support. We are a federal tax-exempt organization. The following is the current wish list from staff:

  • Books and other learning materials
  • Classroom supplies
  • Technology
  • Office supplies and equipment
  • Playground equipment and supplies
  • Gym supplies
  • Science equipment’s
  • Classroom rugs